Shaun Greenspan



Shaun Greenspan AKA DJ SOLO is a filmmaker by day and vinyl dj by night who began djing in 1996 under the wings of DJs Str8, Trixie, L.E.Vate, and Mojo.  Always spinning on Vinyl, he takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, which brought him to filmmaking.  Figuring it was a similar art with more ways to connect with his audience, Shaun moved from Southwest Florida to Los Angeles in 2001 where he pursued directing, writing, and producing at “Columbia College Hollywood.”  Upon graduating in 2003, with a B.A. in cinema, Shaun continued his studies under friend and mentor “Corey Allen” while he began his career working on such shows as “E.R.”, “The West Wing”, “Sleeper Cell”, “Nip Tuck”, “Big Love”, “Mad Men”, “True Blood”, and movies like “Little Miss Sunshine”, and “Where the Wild Things Are”.  You can check out the behind the scenes on “Where the Wild Things Are”.  He’s all over them.

After working with prominent Los Angeles based production companies like “Romark Films”, “Jargon Entertainment”,  “Smuggler Films”, “Tool Media”, “The Directors Bureau”, “MJZ” and producing, writing, and or directing over 50 projects for his company “Triforce Pictures”, Shaun decided to move back to the sunny humid climate of Sarasota Florida and utilize it’s beautiful beaches, bays, boats, and wildlife.

For the last year, you can find Shaun shooting social media videos around town building up local artists and business’ helping them get their word out via story and djing many private parties, clubs, and weddings.

Djing weddings and private events, whether the music is from any time period, Shaun specializes in making people dance and have a good time.

Shaun, DJ SOLO is always available to dj fun events or to shoot videos, narrative films, music videos, or commercials.

And lastly, he also teaches DJING.  Make your appointment now!  All ages welcome.